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2nd Evaluation of the research project

On February 21st 2019, the second evaluation of our research project ‘FORobotics’ took place. Like last year, the day began with the reception by the president of the Bavarian Research Foundation and a speech by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhart. Then the subprojects were introduced and the leader of every subproject, presented their results. After the visit and the demonstration of the mobile robot platform, a summary of the research project and an outlook on the future were given.

After the lunch break, the evaluators announced their results. The research project was graded as very good, with tendencies towards excellence.

All involved participants were happy that their hard work had been acknowledged by the evaluators and gained additional motivation to continue working on this project.

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FORobotics mobile robot platform is ready

Finally, the integration of the Yaskawa Robot HC10 into the Grenzebach platform was finished.

The mobile robot is now available at the Fraunhofer IGCV and will be enhanced by further technology, e.g. sensors to increase the safety, interaction technologies for human-robot-interaction and gripper. A few weeks from now, the platform should be ready for the execution of the use case.

Mobile platform by Grenzebach and adopted collaborative robot HC10 by Yaskawa

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1st Evaluation of the research project

On February 6th, the first evaluation of the research procejt took place. Evaluators from research and industry and representatives of the bavarian research foundation evaluated the former work within the project.

After the reception by the president of the bavarian research foundation and an introduction by Prof. Reinhart, the leaders of the subprojects presented their results. Within the presentation of an subproject, a representative of the industrial partners explained their contribution.

The goals of the project were described as ambitious by the evaluators. The over all evaluation was very good.