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Meeting at the Fraunhofer IIS

On the 20th of July there was an association meeting at the Fraunhofer ISS.

The first issue on the agenda was the use case of the poject, which includes commissioning combined with a preliminary assembly on the way to an assembly station. The use case is based on a wok analysis at an production site of one of the industrial partners. 

After that the project leaders presented their first results and next steps.

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Workshop: safety for mobile robotics in production

Next to the constant teamwork of our project partners, there are additional workshops working on different topics.

For a succesful integration of roboting technologies and skills into a real production process, it is necessary to consider security aspects for mobile roborics as soon as possible. Therefore and of course also in terms of teambildiging and getting to know each other, the association organized a general workshop for all team members to ensure safety for mobile robotics in the associations applications (commisioning, pre-assembling while driving and assembling)

At the first safety workshop on the 19th of july in 2017, our scientific and industrial partners sent 35 participants, among them experts of standardization, satefy technology, robotics and sensorics as well as experts of the FORobotics application in Erlangen. Initially there was a presentation of the applications, after the particapants listened to expert talks about how to do a professional risk assessment, satey technolgies in robotics in actual MRK-working stations and the development status in sensor technoligies. After that the participants discussed about how to deal with safety in the FORobotics applications and decided what steps have to be done within the next work packages to secure the demonstrator.

As there was a high demand to discuss the topic, the association coordination plans further workshops dealing with safety.


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On the 7th of February, there was the official kick-off meeting of the association at the Fraunhofer IGCV in Augsburg.

After the greeting of the association speaker Prof. Reinhardt, the six FORobotics project were introduced. Subsequently the participants and project partners worked in three workshops together:

  • Communication architecture and environmental detection
  • Production- and task planning
  • Human