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FORobotics was evaluated as “excellent”

On the 20th of may, the final evaluation of FORobotics took place virtually. The project was overall rated as “excellent”, also the sub projects got a good to excellent rating.

At the evaluation several subprojects were presented and the experts got the possibility to ask questions. The experts also had the opportunity to watch several videos of the FORobotics demonstrator beforehand. These will be online on our YouTube Channel within the next few days.

In general it was determined that FORobotics had a high intellectual impact and is a gain for our knowledge center.

We are really happy, that we got such a good evaluation although we had some “Corona” difficulties in the end phase of our poject.

The main results of the subprojects are described on their web pages.

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Successful Final Evalutation

The Final evaluation was quite successful and FORobotics was rated as excellent.

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Final evaluation

On the 20th of May 2020 there will be the final virtual evaluation of the FORobotics project.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the Testbed at the Fraunhofer Insstitute IGCV in Augsburg, never the less all sub pojects will present their results at a digital conforence. Thanks to videos it will be possible to share an impression of the work with the FORoboitcs demonstrator.


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Julia Berg about FORobotics at TechCheck2019

FORobotics was presented at the TechCheck 2019 on 23rd of october in 2019 by Julia Berg.

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FORobotics use case: Assembling motor blocks

The first FORobotics use case was tested at the Testbed in the Martini Park in Augsburg.

As to be seen in the video, the use case is about assembling motor blocks.

  1. The robot grips motor blocks and stores them on his platform
  2. Transportation of the motor block to the assembly station
  3. The robot supports the worker in assembling the motors in a suitable brack

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Human-Robot-Interaction. How do robot and human communicate with each other?

Within the subproject 4 „Interaction“ different possibilities of “how interaction between robot and worker can be realized in a production environment” were tested. In this process the demonstrator was equipped with different variations of voice commands.

In the following video is shown, how worker and robot can communication with each other.

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Application of the mobile FORobotics roboter platform

The mobile FORobotics roboter platform was integrated into the commissioning process at the project site of our project partner Hefter. The Roboter was responsible for picking bulk material, whereat especially the narrow aisles were a challenge.

There will be a detailed description of the results of the evaluation.

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FORobotics at the day of technology in the innovation centre

On 21st of November 2019 13:30 pm Kawasaki Robotics and Cambrian Intelligence Ltd. invite to the Technology Centre in Augsburg.

Part of the diversified programme relating to robotic, there will be experts and decision-makers in medium-sized businesses. Julia Berg will talk about Trends in robotics and thereby also present FORobotics.


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FORobotics at TechCheck 2019

At the TechCheck 2019 event organized by the Bavarian Industry Association, the project FORobotics and the mobile roboter Plattform will be presented at the 23d of october in the Innovation park in Augsburg.

TechCheck is a study about the most important technological future fields in Bavaria, conducted by the Bavarian Industry Association. The study and derived recommended Actions are presented in different bavarian cities the next few months. At the Innovation park in Augsburg there will be also an exhibition of applications of new technologies, like the FORobotics mobile roboter plattfrom.


Wednesday, 23 Octoboer, 2019

18.00 pm  – 20.00 pm


Augsburg Innovationspark, Saal Innovation
Am Technologiezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg

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FORobotics-Testbed is ready

For demonstrating the results of the project in an industrial sourrounding, a FORobotics-Testbed is now installed at the Technologiezentrum in Augsburg.

For more information, click  here.