FORobotics was evaluated as “excellent”

On the 20th of may, the final evaluation of FORobotics took place virtually. The project was overall rated as “excellent”, also the sub projects got a good to excellent rating. At the evaluation several subprojects were presented and the experts got the possibility to ask questions. The experts also had the opportunity to watch several

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Successful Final Evalutation

The Final evaluation was quite successful and FORobotics was rated as excellent.

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Final evaluation

On the 20th of May 2020 there will be the final virtual evaluation of the FORobotics project. Unfortunately, it is not possible to visit the Testbed at the Fraunhofer Insstitute IGCV in Augsburg, never the less all sub pojects will present their results at a digital conforence. Thanks to videos it will be possible to

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Application @Hefter

The FORobotics platform was integrated and tested at our Project partner Hefter in Prien Bavaria, more Information here.  

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Julia Berg about FORobotics at TechCheck2019

FORobotics was presented at the TechCheck 2019 on 23rd of october in 2019 by Julia Berg.

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FORobotics use case: Assembling motor blocks

The first FORobotics use case was tested at the Testbed in the Martini Park in Augsburg. As to be seen in the video, the use case is about assembling motor blocks. The robot grips motor blocks and stores them on his platform Transportation of the motor block to the assembly station The robot supports the

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Human-Robot-Interaction. How do robot and human communicate with each other?

Within the subproject 4 „Interaction“ different possibilities of “how interaction between robot and worker can be realized in a production environment” were tested. In this process the demonstrator was equipped with different variations of voice commands. In the following video is shown, how worker and robot can communication with each other.

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Application of the mobile FORobotics roboter platform

The mobile FORobotics roboter platform was integrated into the commissioning process at the project site of our project partner Hefter. The Roboter was responsible for picking bulk material, whereat especially the narrow aisles were a challenge. There will be a detailed description of the results of the evaluation.

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FORobotics at the day of technology in the innovation centre

On 21st of November 2019 13:30 pm Kawasaki Robotics and Cambrian Intelligence Ltd. invite to the Technology Centre in Augsburg. Part of the diversified programme relating to robotic, there will be experts and decision-makers in medium-sized businesses. Julia Berg will talk about Trends in robotics and thereby also present FORobotics.  

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FORobotics at TechCheck 2019

At the TechCheck 2019 event organized by the Bavarian Industry Association, the project FORobotics and the mobile roboter Plattform will be presented at the 23d of october in the Innovation park in Augsburg. TechCheck is a study about the most important technological future fields in Bavaria, conducted by the Bavarian Industry Association. The study and derived recommended

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FORobotics-Testbed is ready

For demonstrating the results of the project in an industrial sourrounding, a FORobotics-Testbed is now installed at the Technologiezentrum in Augsburg. For more information, click  here.

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FORobotics at the congress of the bavarian council of future

FORoboics on the 18th of July at the congress of the bavarian council of future at the ICM in Munich. FORobotics presented the mobile robot plattform with its interaction technoligies. The visitors could give commands via language or gestures and recieved Information by projections on the floor.

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FORobotics convention – mobile robotics

On the 4th of July there was the first FORobotics convention – mobile robotics at the IHK Schwaben in Augsburg. First Dr. Matthias Köppel, head of the Standardpolitik of the IHK Schwaben and Prof. Reinhardt, speaker of FORobotics gave a speech about the changes of mobile robotics in the industry. After that the coordinator of

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FORobotics convention – mobile robotics

Event details Robotics become more important in the industrial production process. The work of the bavarian research association FORobotics expands the application possibilities of industrial robots, who can be mobile and used flexibly in an working environment. Our challenges are diverse: How can the mobile robot orient oneself? Which sensors are necessary? How does he act while

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2nd Evaluation of the research project

On February 21st 2019, the second evaluation of our research project ‘FORobotics’ took place. Like last year, the day began with the reception by the president of the Bavarian Research Foundation and a speech by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhart. Then the subprojects were introduced and the leader of every subproject, presented their results. After the visit

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FORobotics mobile robot platform is ready

Finally, the integration of the Yaskawa Robot HC10 into the Grenzebach platform was finished. The mobile robot is now available at the Fraunhofer IGCV and will be enhanced by further technology, e.g. sensors to increase the safety, interaction technologies for human-robot-interaction and gripper. A few weeks from now, the platform should be ready for the

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1st Evaluation of the research project

On February 6th, the first evaluation of the research procejt took place. Evaluators from research and industry and representatives of the bavarian research foundation evaluated the former work within the project. After the reception by the president of the bavarian research foundation and an introduction by Prof. Reinhart, the leaders of the subprojects presented their

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Meeting at the Fraunhofer IIS

On the 20th of July there was an association meeting at the Fraunhofer ISS. The first issue on the agenda was the use case of the poject, which includes commissioning combined with a preliminary assembly on the way to an assembly station. The use case is based on a wok analysis at an production site

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Workshop: safety for mobile robotics in production

Next to the constant teamwork of our project partners, there are additional workshops working on different topics. For a succesful integration of roboting technologies and skills into a real production process, it is necessary to consider security aspects for mobile roborics as soon as possible. Therefore and of course also in terms of teambildiging and

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On the 7th of February, there was the official kick-off meeting of the association at the Fraunhofer IGCV in Augsburg. After the greeting of the association speaker Prof. Reinhardt, the six FORobotics project were introduced. Subsequently the participants and project partners worked in three workshops together: Communication architecture and environmental detection Production- and task planning

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Research aspects

Environmental detection

Reduction of insecurities through variable sensors and the supply of different secure processing lines



Changing of the roboter position without pre-defined guiding field

Capacity of teamwork

Expansion of the roboter skills throuh emergence, investigation into ad-hoc cooperating human-roboter teams


Providing service-based resources, implementing business logic and investigating the involvement of humans in cyber-physical systems


User acceptance

Perception of safety, situational awareness, user oriented design, user expectations, cognitive use, dynamic allocation of tasks



Wireless human-roboter and roboter-roboter communication


Project board